Zusätzliche Optionen für Ihr persönliches Shadow Board


OSAAP bietet eine Reihe von Optionen zur Erweiterung der Funktionalität Ihrer Shadow Boards oder Schaumstoff-Inlays: Dem OSAAP-Prozess sind nur durch Ihre Phantasie Grenzen gesetzt.  Die meisten der folgenden Zubehörteile wurden von unseren Kunden entwickelt.  Bitte teilen Sie uns Ihre Ideen mit, damit wir sie mit der Welt teilen können.

We Have two types of text inscription: Laser and Drill. 

Laser Text is built for Foam Shadow Boards

Text is applied to the black top layer of foam with a laser on an X-Y gantry.  Text and logos can only be applied on the top layer of the foam. Drill Text is built for Plastic Shadow Boards

In order to successfully inscribe text onto a plastic board we need to use a drill. The drill bit for text on plastic boards is very small and precise. It creates smooth and crisp text onto its selected board.

Currently logos can only be inscribed onto foam shadow boards. 

text demo board.png

PVC Backer Material

Backer board is bonded to the back of the foam to add rigidity to the foam.  This is helpful when storing Foam board vertically, mounting the foam vertically or for simply ensuring the foam lays flat on the table. We use black PCV for our backer board because, like the foam, it is not effected by moisture and can be easily cleaned.

Black PVC backer board is  1/4".

Logo & Text Inscription


A medical device customer wanted to mount Shadow Boards vertically in a milling machines application.  Problem was our smallest end-mill is 6MM and they had several smaller Allen wrenches.  To solve the problem, they embedded Earth Magnets into the foam behind the Allen Wrenches.  We have adopted the idea and made it a standard accessory in our price list.